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Credit Card Skimmer for Sale

Credit Card Skimmer is the best way to get someone else cards T1 and T2 data and make a clone copy card to withdraw cash from ATM but it’s only possible with help of this Machine. You can buy Credit Card Skimmer here. We deliver all over world.

Credit card skimmer for sale

Credit card skimmer sale

If you want to make huge money it short time then only this business is best for you. You have have to invest 1800$ for buying Credit Card Skimmer and install it at any ATM and you will receive all users card data who use that atm.

But it’s really risky to do this and we are not responsible if you get anything happen with. Our work only to deliver it to your address only. Rest everything you have to do by yourself only.

What is Credit Card Skimmer

Credit Card Skimmer is a electric nachine named ‘ATM Skimmer’ or ‘GSM Data Receiver’ which need to install in ATM and when someone use that ATM then his card data will be sent to the owner mobile phone with help of a software. This is called Credit Card Skimming.

Hackers use this skimmer for getting cards data and then he can easily make a clone copy card by using magnetic card reader and writer. If you have interest in this filed so you can order this from us. We’ll ship it to your address.

Credit Card Skimmer for Sale

This skimmer not available at any famous online shop because it’s legal buy or sell but if you really need then you can buy from us only. Buying process is very easy. You can follow below steps.

First of all contact us via Whatsapp or Mail us to this mail id- [email protected]

Write in mail ‘I want to buy credit card skimmer’ and send us.

We will reply you within 24 hour and you have send your delivery address.

Then you need to pay amount of 1800$ USD via bitcoin for this.

Once we receive your payment, we’ll ship it via bluedart or any other courier service.

It will be take upto 3 to 15 days to reach this product to your address. (Depend upon distance of delivery address)

Terms and Conditions

  • This product owned by us and we have right to block any device for any reason
  • Have to pay 50% on before and 50% on the time of shipping.
  • Once order placed, order can not be cancelled.
  •  Don’t come for spamming, order genuine.
  • Delivery charge can be apply if you are from longer distance.
  • Payment via bitcoin only.
  • Don’t ask us for COD.

If you agreeed to above conditions then feel free to buy credit card skimmer from us. But if you are not following then please don’t contact us.

Included with Credit Card Skimmer

  • Credit Card Skimmer Device / ATM Pos Skimmer
  • Software to read/write track 1, track 2, track 3 and PIN code – magnetic and chip cards
  • Software to convert the .HEX data to Plain .TXT.
  • Quick Installation Guide that will teach you how to install, login on bank server and use it step by step.
  • Video that will teach you how to use the device and where to log in.
  • Reader / Writer with bluetooth connection to write / read and erase chip cards
  • Power Bank – will give extra power of your device

GSM Data Receiver or ATM Skimmer PRICE in USD 1800$ We accept only BITCOIN payment.

Technical features Of Skimmer

  • Credit card skimmer
  • Power supply 12/24 V ac/dc
  • 99 authorised user memory for access control
  • 8 numbers for reporting gate status via SMS text messages
  • Dimensions 130 x 150 mm h 50 mm
  • Typical consumption <60mA at24Vdc
  • temperature from -5°C to +55°C
  • IP protection rating 55
  • Compatible with all telephone operators except

Why you Should Buy From Us

  • 100% genuine and quality device.
  • Available all types of skimmer.
  • Wireless GSM data receiver available.
  • Powerful battery backup upto 254 hour.
  • Easy to install and use without any issue.
  • Money back guaranteed, if you don’t want to use this device then you can send back it
  • We will refund by taking 10% charge.
  • Device must be in good working condition in order to get refund.

Contact Us For Skimmer Device

If you are ready to buy then do not waste your time anymore. Contact us by using above contact details but don’t text hi, hello, are you there. If you faster response then type I need credit card skimmer and get instant reply.

Here is all contact details given you can use any of them to reach us.

So guys this is all about ‘Credit card skimmer for sale’ you can buy from us at any day at anytime and anywhere, we deliver it to your home securely. No one can detect it during delivery. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask.

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