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Flipkart Carding Method of 2018 Buy Products for Free 100% Working Trick

You have interest in Flipkart Carding Method but didn’t know how to card on flipkart so welcome people today i decide to share Flipkart Carding Trick of 2018 for everyone who loves hacking, ‘this is 100% working tutorial’ here i will guide you each and every single step in detail so let’s get started

Flipkart Carding Trick Working Method Full Guide

Flipkart is a indian shopping site, provide very fast delivery service ever than others shopping site but as this is not international site so it doesn’t accept any out of indian cards which is main problem for carders. Also checkout What is Carding

If you are a carder then you may know that getting an live indian cc is not easy but can get us card easily because most of the cc selling site sell usa, uk cards only and there are 95% death indian cards available so you may lost your money if you indian cc

So you may ask me now how to do carding on flipkart if you don’t have indian cc, don’t worry you can buy indian cc from us and our cards are fully updated but use it carefully you can buy cc from this link

Flipkart Carding Trick of 2018 Full Method

You can do carding on Flipkart easily without any problem, you just have to buy indian cc and rest depend on how you understand this process

You maybe know lot’s of scammer available in Instagram who claim himself as ‘Carder’ and will promise you to give you product at lowest cost and he will run way by taking your money so please do not trust any instagram people most of Fake Carders scamming people

I am saying this because per day i got messages from people most them saying he got cheated by a instagram carder, so remember in instagram, facebook or whatsapp group who claim himself as carder they are totally Fake Carder so do not go there just try to do it yourself

Here i am going to teach you everything about carding, just read my guide till end and i guaranteed you’ll be able to do carding on any shopping site easily

Requirement for Flipkart Carding

You need to arrange some items in order to work Flipkart Carding Process smoothly so here i have added each and every requirement things, you can get them from us also

  • Smartphone or PC (Not Simple Phone)
  • Cc with Fullz (Indian Card Only)
  • VPN or Shocks (Recommended Shocks5 or HMA)
  • High Speed Internet (Use 4G)
  • Browser (Tor or Firefox)
  • Good Knowledge
  • Flipkart new account

Once you get above requirements things then you are ready to start Flipkart Carding, i would like to request you try to arrange a new phone for security reason

How to Do Carding on Flipkart Full Process

Now let’s start the process of carding but before i begin i want to say something about it, it’s totally illegal and crime to do so we are not responsible if anything wrong happen with you. Do it safely use pro vpn

First of all buy a live indian cc from any cc selling site or you can also buy from us

Then, create a new gmail id with cc owner name like if cc holder name is ‘Suraj Kumar’ then the mail id should like below [email protected]

After making a new gmail id, download a vpn from playstore or you can shocks5 if you are using pc

Open vpn then register a new account if asked and then select country and hit connect

After connecting vpn, open and click on register new account

Create a new account by using cc owner name and mail id which you made earlier

Verify your mail id and mobile number on flipkart and first buy a small amount product using gift voucher

Wait till the order shipped and then you can search product you want buy through carding

Finally select ‘Credit Card’ as payment mode and enter card details carefully and re check them

Select or Add a new your shipping address and billing address as cc owner address

Now place the order, that’s it order will be placed you will get confirmation message from flipkart

Proof of Flipkart Carding

It’s very ricky to share carding proof openly or directly with anyone due to security reason but still here i am sharing a proof of recent product Galaxy S9 plus

Flipkart Carding Proof

Please note- If OTP asked then you can bypass it and in this case you need to buy or replace the card

That’s all, now your product will be ship soon and you will get delivery withing few working days

So follow just above steps for flipkart carding

  1. Get a valid indian cc from any site or buy from us
  2. Create mail id with cc holder name
  3. Connect VPN with cc owner country
  4. Create an account with holder name at flipkart
  5. Buy a small amount product first
  6. Then start big amount purchase
  7. Add cc details, shipping and billing address
  8. Place the order and you are done
  9. That’s it, you have successfully carded on flipkart

So guys this is the Trick of Flipkart Carding its very easy and simple process, there is no hidden trick i have shared everything in details openly

But please do not card too much amount product on same account and same address, each time use new account and new address for safety reason

If you feel this is helpful for you then please share it with your friends also, and if you have doubt then feel free to ask (just comment down below)

Use our contact us page if you want to buy anything for flipkart carding

Buy Indian CC for Flipkart Carding

As you know flipkart is a indian shopping site which deliver product all over india but this isn’t a international site that is why they are accept only indian cc so if you want to buy indian cc then you can contact us at our whatsapp number +15153109301 or Click Here

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